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Another Note Regarding Bobbi The Bear



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To the Editor:

This letter is to the Scudder Road individual who shot Bobbi 217.

Shame on you — to shoot a defenseless bear; to leave two cubs homeless and parentless; you were supposed to “protect and serve;” that includes Mother Nature’s gift of all animals.

Apparently you forgot the lessons learned from “Shoot/Don’t Shoot.” Over what? A couple of chickens.

Bobbi and her cubs were in my yard for over two-and-a-half hours, observed by my neighbors, Animal Control officers, and us — and were not shot other than with a camera and video.

I may have lost my bird feeders a week ago to this bear, but not Bobbi and her cubs.

Shame on you.

Mike Neiman


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  1. saxon9075 says:

    So what do you say when DEEP euthanizes (kills) nuisance bears for no more than repeat garbage can attacks ? Unfortunate but State Law has recognized the right of a farmer (no matter how small) to protect their livestock. A bear has more rights than a chicken? Animal eugenics?

  2. tomj says:

    I think the killing of this animal is tragic and should have been avoided. I however do not think the bear was “defenseless”. A bear has sharp 2′ claws on its front paws. A bear has 42 teeth in its mouth that can generate almost 1,000 psi of force. Yes, bears are cute in cartoons but they are still wild animals, especially when protecting their cubs. I think the real injustice here is with DEEP for not planning to relocate this bear a long time ago. Also, for the people who knowingly feed the bears, be it PB&J sandwiches that look cute on Facebook in a hammock or by having bird feeders that are not protected. I am sure the officer reacted within their years of training and I will continue to fight for the rights of officers to protect us.

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