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'Cellphoneography,' Next For Flagpole Photographers



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‘Cellphoneography,’ Next For Flagpole Photographers

Retired professional photographer Kenneth Graff (right) will present a program entitled “Cellphoneography” at the Flagpole Photographers Camera Club meeting on Thursday, June 9, at 7:30 pm, in the C. H. Booth Library, 25 Main Street in Newtown.

With the popularity of cell phones today, everyone has a camera in the pocket. When a plane crash landed in the Hudson River, the first pictures that the world saw were taken with a cell phone and instantly spread around the world with an app called TwitPic. Mr Graff’s presentation will demonstrate the concept that, in the words of fellow photographer Chase Jarvis, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.”

Mr Graff will show the amazing output capability of these small cameras, including some of the apps available for photographers. There are thousands, and they do amazing things. Not only are cell phones currently capable of making phone calls, playing music, and shooting pictures and video, they are also digital darkrooms. Mr Graff will demonstrate that a cell phone camera combined with an iPad is the next step in the evolution of digital photography. 

Kenneth Graff’s interest in photography began more than 50 years ago as a hobby. His first job as a photographer was for a portrait studio doing in-home portraits in New York City.  His next job was staff photographer for the District Attorney of New York County.

He also served for more than 30 years as manager of photography for Union Carbide Corporation, where his duties included supervising a full-service photo lab and a photographic staff. Following retirement Mr Graff continued with his passion for photography, picking up the computer and exploring digital fine art printmaking. He now consults with photographers and enthusiasts in the art of digital imaging.

He has also been a speaker at photographic and computer groups throughout the country, showing the advantages of digital imaging. He has been the digital imaging SIG leader for Danbury Area Computer Society for the past 15 years. He also volunteers at Danbury SeniorNet, teach senior citizens how to use the new technology.

Mr Graff has presented a program on the latest developments in digital photography at the June meeting of the club for more than five years.

Following the program will be member competitions, with “Abandoned” being the assigned subject, along with two other categories, “color” and “black and white” prints on any subject chosen by the photographers.

Anne Eigen will be retiring as president of the club after two years of service (with Don Brooks as her backup), and Sandy Schill, as chairman of the nominating committee, will present a slate of officers for the ensuing two years.  Additionally, decisions will be made regarding changes in the bylaws.

The June meeting marks the beginning of a summer break for the club. Meetings and programs will resume in September.

Additional information is available at Flagpolephotographers.com or by calling 203-426-2316.

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