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Pandemic Predictions



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To the Editor:

The only way we can ever stop, or slow down, this deadly virus epidemic with our form of government and democracy is if President Biden and Congress declare war on the virus. However, they first would have to add an amendment to the War Powers Act that the President, with the approval of Congress, can prevent civilians, when in public, from harming the health and welfare of their fellow citizens.

If this is accomplished then they will have the power to require everyone in this nation, when in public, to wear masks.

Then the US will be in a better position to help India and the rest of the world to end this global pandemic so it wouldn’t return to us.

If President Biden and Congress doesn’t, there is a good chance we will be wearing masks until next summer and not July Fourth as President Biden is predicting.

I also predict we will begin to put our masks back on by this Father’s Day!

However, five years ago I also had predicted Donald Trump had absolutely no chance ever becoming president.

I hope I am wrong again.

Paul Adinolfi

189 Julia Court, Sandy Hook June 4, 2021

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