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Change Is In The Wind



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Five years ago this editorial column reflected on change at The Newtown Bee: a change in the editor and the voice of editorials; and a new content management and production system.

We have experienced bumps along the way as we smoothed out issues. We hope we have navigated the rough road skillfully enough to provide continued enjoyment of The Newtown Bee. So perhaps that paves the way for readers to prepare for a few more bumps as change and growth are once again underway.

Though the paper has proudly operated its own printing process for its more than 140 years of existence, the move to close the printing plant at 17 Commerce Road following the issue of June 25, 2021, is the result of a need to modernize the process in a cost-effective manner. The Bee Publishing Company looks forward to a collaboration with Trumbull Printing, Trumbull, Conn., to print The Newtown Bee, beginning with the issue of July 2, 2021, as well as that of our sister publication Antiques and The Arts Weekly.

Trumbull Printing has reliably provided us with printing over the years whenever storms or mechanical difficulties have prevented us from turning out the weekly edition on our own press. We are confident that this partnership will be a smooth transition. Readers of The Newtown Bee will find this new venture one that improves readability and one to be looked forward to with the same level of pride and anticipation felt by this organization.

At the same time, readers may sense a change in the weekly front page editorial. The position of editor will be assumed by current Associate Editor John Voket, with my retirement as of July 1. A familiar face, but with a new voice and a new view of Newtown can be expected as the demands of this position are undertaken. As associate editor, editor of the Business and Health sections, and in his numerous other roles at this paper, John has given Publisher R. Scudder Smith and family confidence that he will continue to lead the paper in its mission to always provide fair and relevant news to the community.

What applied five years ago can be reiterated: “How change is handled in day-to-day situations, as well as more trying situations, speaks to the spirit of the people involved. As could be expected, there is plenty of spirit in the worker Bees who bring you news every day, and every week. Our goal is for this changeover to be as seamless as possible, and we thank our readers in advance for pardoning any minor glitches encountered along the way.”

Newtown, thank you. Thank you to the people who have welcomed me into homes and businesses, who have shared their dreams, delights, and sorrows with me over the years. Thank you for wisdom shared, for laughter shared, for the opportunity to really know Newtown. Thank you for the spirited letters written to the Letter Hive and the kind — and contentious — phone calls sent my way.

Thank you to the staff of this paper. Their dedication to excellence has made my job easier, their commitment to journalism has made me proud to be part of this publication. Thank you to R. Scudder Smith and family, who placed their trust in me to lead this paper as its first female editor. It has been a privilege to do so.

Change is another word for opportunity. The Newtown Bee has always adapted when the winds of change blow. This is just another breeze ruffling the pages of Newtown’s newspaper, firmly rooted in its hometown.

With gratitude,

Nancy K. Crevier, Editor

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