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Follow Pool Rules For Safety



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Follow Pool Rules For Safety

MIDDLETOWN — Jumping into a pool of cool water offers great relief on a hot summer day. A refreshing pool, however, can spell disaster if children are not property supervised.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that an average of 250 children under the age of 5 drown each year in swimming pools. During 2004, an additional 2,500 were treated for injuries from pool immersions. Drowning is the second leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths for children aged 1–14.

A child can drown within 30 seconds of going underwater, even in just one inch of water, often without any sounds or warning. Each year, about 110 children will drown in their own house in bathtubs, toilets, buckets, or spas.

These staggering numbers have prompted the Connecticut State Police to issue these Pool and Swimming Safety Rules:

*Never swim alone. Use the buddy system and maintain eye contact.

*Never leave children (even those who can swim) unattended in, around or near pools — not even for a few moments.

*Keep pool area locked and secure when not in use.

*Swim only in supervised and approved areas.

*Keep rescue equipment near the pool. Have emergency flotation devices and a phone near the pool.

*Enroll children in swim lessons.

*Enforce water safety rules. No running, pushing, or dunking.

*Never falsely claim to need help in the water.

*Take all toys out of the pool when not swimming so that children will not be tempted to go after the toys.

*Learn CPR and water rescue techniques.

*Have a professional inspect all entrapment hazards in the pool, including the pump and drain.

*Know and mark the location of the electrical cut-off switch for the pool pump.

As Connecticut residents cool down this summer, keeping safe at the pool, lake, or Long Island Sound must remain a top priority. By following these simple rules, tragedy can be avoided throughout the state.

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