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Status Quo Budget



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Status Quo Budget

To the Editor:

It’s hard to understand why the Legislative Council is having such a difficult time in understanding what the Newtown voters are really asking for. After four proposed budget increases have been defeated at the polls, it would seem quite obvious that the voters are calling for a no-increase budget, which means no increases for anyone, including the educational side of the house, especially since they are facing a decline in pupil enrollment.

With a poor economy, one which is on the verge of recession, it’s no time to ask for more money. Look at the growing number of for sale signs around town, many of which are for longtime Newtowners who can no longer stand the ever-increasing tax burden being placed upon them by the town and are pulling up stakes to go elsewhere. Many of these people devoted hours and hours of free time on the various town committees and participated in local clubs and church organizations; now they have to move on due to high taxes.

Are we concerned about them? It doesn’t seem so. So what will the Legislative Council offer next, probably more of the same. If there’s any increase at all on No. 5, I will vote No, not that it means Yes, but it means No. If you feel as I do, be sure and vote on the July 12.

Robert B. Shaw

10 Stone Fence Lane, Newtown                                         July 2, 2012

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