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No Justice For Bobbi The Bear



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To the Editor:

Shame on the Scudder Road resident for discharging his AR-15 rifle and needlessly ending Bobbi’s life, leaving her two cubs orphaned while still dependent on her for survival.

A law-enforcement officer should know better than to discharge a weapon without legitimate cause. Apparently, this man knew the right things to say to the authorities but many of us know the truth.

Bobbie was a threat to no one. It is my belief that actions taken were excessive and irresponsible, perhaps even easy. And shame on the DEEP and the State’s attorney’s office for their handling of this case.

It took them two months to reach the wrong conclusion — “No charges filed,” “reasonable doubt.” Did the investigation include testimony of neighbors and residents who knew Bobbi?

We know the guilty always plead innocent.

Holly Kocet


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  1. tomj says:

    The fact that Bobbi had character witnesses from neighbors is evidence enough that the failure here is with the DEEP for not relocating the bear sooner. People can not be trusted to not feed bears. Once people start feeding bears it needs to be relocated ASAP. The DEEP should have been on the Bobbi facebook page reminding people it is illegal to feed a bear.

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