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The American Press Institute reports that, according to a Pew Research Center survey, Americans "who follow the news most of the time (62 percent) are feeling worn out by the news," and "... (78 percent) of those who less frequently get news say they are fatigued by the amount of it that they see."Capital Gazette published its daily paper; when the Vermont Standard in Woodstock burned down on July 16, and the staff rallied to put out the Tuesday edition from hastily assembled quarters in the local library. After tragedies that would bring many to a screeching halt, community newspapers overcome the odds to deliver the news to their readers.The Bee Extra, delivered at no cost. In May, every household received a free copy of The Newtown Bee - a taste of what subscribers to the print paper enjoy. We hope that the free issue was a reminder that the hometown paper is the best source for reliable reporting on the issues and people of Newtown.newtownbee.com, and find subscription information under the "Subscribe" tab at the bottom of the page.

News has become a 24/7 channel of information available on mobile devices, laptop and desktop computers, and all-day newscasts. Competition is challenging, but we know there is no competing with local journalism. Being the hometown paper of Newtown for more than 140 years, we believe that community news matters. It is the antidote to news that saps curiosity and feeds apathy.

Only reporters on the ground in the community can assure residents that accurate information is delivered, that the town government is being observed in a manner that alerts the community to good and bad practices that might occur.

Only a community newspaper provides in-depth coverage of schools and sports - as well as of the people behind them - two areas in which our readers repeatedly express interest. Local reporters develop a relationship with officials, organizations, and personalities about town. It is that kind of personal connection that allows for comprehensive reporting.

Reporters with a connection are always on the lookout for stories - the people, the places, the history of our town conveyed through sharing. The behind the scenes people that make a town stand out are revealed when trust has been nurtured. We hear repeatedly how thrilled people are to see their names and photos in print.

A community newspaper is reliable and impassioned in providing knowledge, from fun events to continuous coverage of events, meetings, and rallies that affect residents.

Without a community newspaper, townspeople must sift through social media sites, regional news, state news. Who sees the day-to-day movements of the people and the changes brought about if local reporters disappear from the scene? We spread the word in times of need in a reliable format forged through years of experience and dedication to readers.

There is a resiliency in community newspapers as well, as witnessed recently when the morning after a shooter murdered five members of its news team, the Annapolis

Every week, households receive a sample of our coverage in the form of

Just as readers rely on us to report the news each week, the paper relies on readers for support in order to present the news. A subscription - or gift subscription - to support community journalism is a subscription to information that will not be found on social media, through word of mouth, or that reported by overstretched reporters from out of the area. Call 203-426-3141 for information or go to

Community news is your news. We are honored to provide you with the news.

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