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To the Editor:



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To the Editor:

The upcoming elections this November are crucial if we are to regain our country. At present our country is in crisis, because the Constitution, which stipulates what power the federal government is permitted to exercise, has been abandoned. Nowhere is there authorization for the Obamacare mandates or the nationalization of industries we have seen (among many other items on a long list.)

To reassert our power as citizens, we need to send Republicans to Congress who recognize their duties and the proper role of government. I attended the recent meet and greet session in the Alexandria Room at Edmond Town Hall with Justin Bernier, as well as the candidates’ debate in Brookfield on Monday, and Justin Bernier has my vote.

Justin Bernier recognizes the intent and vision of the Founders and applies these principles to matters of policy. He is the right person to send Chris Murphy back to the private sector. Chris Murphy has made it clear that he will support any and all priorities of Nancy Pelosi, the Constitution be damned.

Justin is not a career politician, but is called to serve. He has served our country in uniform, and understands the importance of a strong national defense. He has pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare. He knows how great America is, and can be, when government gets out of the way and limits itself to its proper role. You can still register to vote as a Republican through noon Monday, August 9 (contact the Registrar at 203-270-4250 if you have not already registered), and I urge you to vote for Justin Bernier in the Republican Primary on Tuesday, August 10.

Scott Reiss

42 Obtuse Road, Newtown                                            August 4, 2010

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