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Tuesday Tunes Season Ends On A Happy Note



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The Tuesday Tunes Concert Series may have moved for its season finalé last week, but plenty of people got the message.

When very hot weather necessitated the move from the lawn and bandstand area of Dickinson Park to the much-more-comfortable air conditioned indoor setting of Edmond Town Hall, organizers were able to get that message out in just a few hours on August 2.

As a result, a few dozen very happy children and their caregivers showed up for the latest performance in Newtown by Al “The Singing Principal” DeCant and Jill Kubeck.

The performers, along with C.H. Booth Children’s Librarian Alana Bennison, gave attendees a few extra minutes to arrive at 45 Main Street before starting the show. In the meantime, DeCant and Kubeck walked around the theater, interacting with their young audience members.

The two even pulled out oversize wands and began creating bubbles that wafted over the heads and toward the extended hands of many children.

“This beats being outdoors, doesn’t it?” DeCant asked, shortly before he and Kubeck began their interactive and engaging performance.

Before long, children were not only clapping and moving in time with the afternoon’s special guests, they were soon responding to invitations to get up and dance. A few songs into the show, DeCant and Kubeck began passing out simple instruments, giving children additional hands-on opportunities.

The series opened this year with a performance on June 28 by the singer-songwriter Flor Bromley. It continued weekly through this week’s finalé.

Tuesday Tunes is a collaborative effort between Newtown Parks & Recreation, C.H. Booth Library and sponsors Friends of the C.H. Booth Library.


Managing Editor Shannon Hicks can be reached at shannon@thebee.com.

Al “The Singing Principal” DeCant, at left, and Jill Kubeck returned for a very well received performance at Edmond Town Hall August 2. The mid-afternoon concert was the season finalé for the 2022 Tuesday Tunes Concerts. —Bee Photo, Hicks
A mother and daughter clasp hands, responding to one song’s prompt to “shake your neighbor’s hand.” —Bee Photo, Hicks
Children reach toward bubbles set afloat by Jill Kubeck ahead of Tuesday’s performance. —Bee Photo, Hicks
—Bee Photo, Hicks
—Bee Photo, Hicks
—Bee Photo, Hicks
—Bee Photo, Hicks
—Bee Photo, Hicks
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