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School Board Celebrates Former Reed Students For Science Project



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Superintendent of Schools Joseph V. Erardi, Jr, announced a “neat celebration” during the Board of Education’s meeting on Tuesday, August 18.

Former Reed Intermedia School students Mitchell Doherty, Tyler Hill, Maddie Hintze, Justin Peck, and Jillian Reilly were introduced to the board members for completing a science project during the 2014-15 school year. The five were in sixth grade when they were charged, they explained, with coming up with a survey question to pose to RIS fifth graders during the school year. The students chose to ask, “What was your favorite grade?”

Dr Erardi said he had heard the students present their hypothesis, data, research, and conclusion already.

“I think it is amazing work,” Dr Erardi said ahead of the students presenting their work for the school board.

Reed math/science specialist Andrew Hall said the students were tasked with “diving deeper than asking ‘What’s your favorite?’” He explained the students were asked to think about their projects further by coming up with follow-up questions that could lead their projects to explore the questions more in-depth.

“I think they did a phenomenal job,” said Mr Hall.

The students conducted their survey and learned that kindergarten was the most popular grade level, which they said they did not find surprising.

First grade was found to be the least popular grade, but the students said first grade was deemed “an outlier” for only receiving 25 votes, or 7.8 percent of votes. The group explained they were not sure why so many students did not like first grade, but they suspect making the transition between kindergarten and first grade easier would make more students like first grade.

The students also designed follow-up questions for the survey that could have asked students what they liked about their favorite grade and what would be the least favorite grade.

The students learned many students chose fifth grade as their favorite grade level based on having Matthew Brown as a teacher.

The students told the school board they believe more teachers with similar teaching styles to the teachers in the favorite grade levels would increase how much students enjoy school.

The school board has a practice of holding “Celebration of Excellence” presentations during its meetings.

The students earned certificates from the school board for their presentation.

“The certificates are from the school board in recognition in what we think is outstanding achievement, with my signature,” said Dr Erardi.

Reed Intermediate School math/science specialist Andrew Hall, left, and Principal Anne Uberti, right, stood with rising sixth grade students, from left, Mitchell Doherty, Justin Peck, Tyler Hill, Jillian Reilly, and Maddie Hintz during a Board of Education meeting on August 18, when they were recognized for completing a science project as sixth grade students during the 2014-15 school year.   
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