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Top Five NewtownBee.com Stories August 22 To 28



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Each week we compile a list of some of the most-read stories published at newtownbee.com. Here is a roundup of the week’s recent top stories, based on the number of page reads.

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“Rosenthal Issues Newtown Mask Mandate After COVID Case Reports Escalate,” by John Voket, published August 26. Utilizing Newtown’s CODE Red system, and noting the decision was based on case data, First Selectman Dan Rosenthal issued an indoor masking mandate in the hopes of curtailing the spread of COVID-19 and its highly aggressive delta variant. Read more at newtownbee.com/08262021/rosenthal-issues-newtown-mask-mandate-after-covid-case-reports-escalate.

“A Mother’s Memoir: ‘Finding Sanctuary,’ And God, After A Child’s Death,” by Shannon Hicks, published May 17. With the release of Finding Sanctuary: How the Wild Work of Peace Restored the Heart of a Sandy Hook Mother, Jennifer Hubbard — the president and executive director of the Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary, named after her daughter — is a published author. Read more at newtownbee.com/05172021/a-mothers-memoir-finding-sanctuary-and-god-after-a-childs-death.

“Precautions Remain In Place As Henri Moving Southeast Of Newtown,” by Shannon Hicks, published August 22. Ahead of Tropical Storm Henri the weather was lighter than predicted and precautions remained in place. Read more at newtownbee.com/08222021/precautions-remain-in-place-as-henri-moving-southeast-of-newtown.

“For The Love Of Gardening: Gardening In Containers,” by Sydney Eddison, published August 4. Former drama teacher, lifelong gardener, author, and Newtown resident for 60 years, Eddison takes a look at containers. Read more at newtownbee.com/08042021/for-the-love-of-gardening-gardening-in-containers.

“No Injuries In Early Morning Truck Crashes, But Gridlock In Their Wake,” by Shannon Hicks, published August 21. Newtown had more gridlock than usual on Thursday, August 19, thanks to a pair of early morning crashes that forced thousands of additional vehicles off Interstate 84 and clogged dozens of local avenues across town for hours. Read more at newtownbee.com/08212021/no-injuries-in-early-morning-truck-crashes-but-gridlock-in-their-wake.

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