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The Human Cost Of Mistaken Wars



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The Human Cost Of Mistaken Wars

To the Editor:

Lt J. Atwood, EMFN T. Blackman, SA V. Bourdau, Ltjg N. Bundy, Ltjg R. Dearmond, Cdr R. Frosio, AA S. Graham Jr, Ltjg G. Holman, SA D. Johnston, Ltjg J. Jones, Lcdr E. Koenig, EMFA C. Mitcham, Ltjg R. Mowrey, Lt J. Murphy, ICFA B. Myhr, MM3 J. Nicks, Cdr B. Nystrom, FN D. Palmer, Ltjg F Purrington, EMFA A. Schwartkopf, ICFN G. Tackett, Lt C. Wilson, and Ens P. Worrell. This is a list of my shipmates who died during a nine-month deployment to Vietnam aboard the aircraft carrier Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1966. I would emphasize that those heroes were not “lost” nor were they “missing.” They died. In 2005, one of the principal architects of the Vietnam war, Robert S. McNamara, in a film shown in our local theatres, stated that the Vietnam war was a mistake. Thanks, Bob, but it is 40 years too late.

In 30 years, will President Bush or Secretary Rumsfeld be making a similar admission? Most knowledgeable observers now understand that there were no WMD in Iraq. They also know that Iraq had no ties to 9/11 or al Qaeda. Yes, Saddam was a despicable, murderous dictator. For those supporting our involvement in Iraq, I ask two very important questions. Are you willing to sacrifice your child’s arm or leg so that Iraqis can vote? Are you willing to have your grandchild die to give Iraq a constitution? Ms Sheehan has earned her right to protest. The best way I know to support our troops is to bring them home now.

Very respectfully,

Paul R. Arneth

Settlers Lane, Sandy Hook                                        August 28, 2005

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