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To the Editor:

On the afternoon of Labor Day I took a walk through the upper meadow at Fairfield Hills and thoroughly enjoyed the clear, expansive view. I had just about returned to my car which was parked near the municipal building when an insect flew into my ear and began buzzing and flying around. It flew in very deep, and it was extremely painful with it buzzing around, trying to get out. I felt as though it was a bee or yellow jacket, stinging me over and over again.

I knew I had to get it out and didn't feel that I could safely drive, so I called 911. A regional dispatcher transferred the call to Newtown after getting the information. The local dispatcher called back and asked more questions and told me what they would do to get it out. She said they would take me to the hospital if necessary. I was in serious pain but tried hard to remain calm.

Newtown volunteer EMT Howard Evans, Jr, arrived and saw that the insect was In deep and was not visible to the eye. He attempted to flush it out. It felt better after the first flush and by the second flush it felt like the bug had come out. Mr. Evans saw a beetle walking around my ear, which must have been the culprit. To be sure, he gave it one more flush at my request. My ear felt sore but better. The Stony Hill ambulance crew also arrived, but I thought I would be OK and didn't need to go to the hospital at that point.

I'm home now, grateful for the care I received from these well-trained volunteers and the dispatcher. I am especially grateful to Mr Evans and thank him for his 32 years of dedicated service to the town. In fact I can't thank him enough for giving up part of his Labor Day holiday to help me out. We are fortunate to live in a town where help is available, even when we least expect to need it.

Nancy Doniger

4 Saddle Ridge Road, Newtown     September 1, 2014

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