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How Can I Ever Thank You Enough?



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To the Editor:

Like many of my fellow townspeople, I learned of the unspeakable trashing that took place at our local Jewish house of worship on Huntingtown Road recently. I talked to friends and neighbors and we all agreed that it was cruel beyond imagination.

The the person(s) responsible for this act — I hope I do not know you personally, for if I do, you are now out of my life. I do not need nor want knowledge of you. Your cruelty is unacceptable. Instead, I choose to thank my Jewish friends and neighbors for all the wonderful, kind, and unselfish things my knowing them has brought change and love into my life. As I sat yesterday and today, reflecting over my personal history, I began to remember how much I owe that I can never repay: the surgeon who saved my life 25 years ago; the nurse who insisted a doctor “fix me,” as I had been sick for years and lost hope of ever being well; the teacher who challenged me to excel; the friend who protected me from harm when I was a child; the neighborhood lady who gave me my first piece of beautiful jewelry and told me it had to be mine because it matched my blue eyes — I was 10 years old. Did they know I am not Jewish? Yes, and they didn’t care. They chose to do the right things.

I thank the local Jewish family who, many years ago, donated a beautiful fir tree to the town, to be placed in front of the Edmond Town Hall to be decorated for Christmas. I thank my friend who attended church with me on Christmas Eve because she loved to be part of the carol singing and the subsequent visit to our favorite Asian restaurant. So, where else are you going to dine out on Christmas Eve? They chose to do the kind thing.

I choose to do a wonderful thing for the people who have befriended me, saved me, challenged me, and helped me... my Jewish friends and neighbors. I don’t know what wonderful thing I will or can do. Seems to me a simple “Thank You” is not enough... maybe a promise that I stand up for you, with you, is enough to begin.


Pat Bailey

108 Brushy Hill Road, Newtown September 4, 2019

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