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Vote NO To Eliminate The Finance Board



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To the Editor:

Partisan politics vs Board of Finance overseeing … is the Charter Commission trying to rubber stamp the Legislative Council’s longstanding desire to eliminate the Board of Finance?

We hope that’s not the case.

If so, it will simply be partisan politicians trying to grow their power and influence by replacing elected financial specialists who independently scrutinize the finances of the entire town. Let’s remember that the LC’s members represent voting districts and their interests.


*Bonding companies like the Board of Finance — Do we really want to risk our AAA Bond rating?

*Over the BOF history, the board has saved thousands of dollars in wise budgetary cuts for Newtown taxpayers.

*The BOF has historically protected Education dollars from politicians.

*The BOF is our “Watchdog” to ensure the town maintains a healthy , balanced financial status.

In conclusion … The BOF financially leads, their expertise is in finance not politics. VOTE NO to eliminate the BOF on the Charter Revision referendum.

Tulio E. Lopez


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