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Invasive Plants Removed Along Deep Brook, Al’s Trail



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A group of volunteers gathered by the bridge on Old Farm Road to prepare for clearing out invasive plants along Deep Brook and Al’s Trail on Saturday, September 19. Nearing autumn, the 9 am air was crisp and everyone bundled in layers.

All participants were asked to wear masks and bring their own equipment to use.

Prior to everyone dispersing along the trail, Patricia Barkman pointed out examples of berryless bittersweet on sycamore trees. The climbing vine is an invasive plant that is widespread in the area and can be seen wrapped around trees. If left growing, the vine will damage and eventually kill the trees.

Barkman said that they should focus on cutting the vines, but if they could pull it out completely that would be great.

She highlighted the work that Trout Unlimited has done to help Deep Brook and thanked everyone for coming out to do their part to help remove the invasive plants in the area.

Pictured from left, Billie Cohen, Neil Baldino, Dan Jura, Gene Luchansky, John Sutor, Kim Weber, Patricia Barkman, and Kristen Begg-Swider, who volunteered their time to clear the invasive plants on Al’s Trail, which runs along Deep Brook. —Bee Photos, Silber
Patricia Barkman points out a berryless bittersweet vine wrapped around a sycamore tree when educating the group on what invasive plants to pull along Al’s Trail.
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