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A Symbol Of Good Luck



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To the Editor:

The rooster has always been Newtown’s symbol. Do you understand what the rooster is a symbol of: It is a symbol of “Good Luck.” We hold Rooster Rallies in Newtown celebrating Newtown’s history and show students the rooster weathervane on top of the Meeting House, which has been there during the Revolutionary War. We have yearly Rooster Runs. We have a square dance group called the Rocking Roosters. The book markers at C.H. Booth Library has a rooster on the top.

When my husband and I moved to Newtown 47 years ago, we weren’t concerned about what the logo was for Newtown. We loved the historic Main Street with the flagpole, town hall, library, and the historic homes. We found the people to be so welcoming and down to earth. We knew that Newtown would be a great environment to raise our family and it has proven that.

I have worked at three real estate offices in Newtown for a total of 14 years as an admin and never once did a potential buyer from out-of-town ask me or the realtors what our town logo was.

They were interested in our school system, activities for their children, taxes, and town government. What will draw business owners to Newtown will be comparing our taxes versus other towns’ taxes.

Why would the Economic & Community Development hire (Haven Creative) an out-of-state company to come up with a town logo when they don’t live here or know our town history? The logo presented by Haven Creative is a rust & blue rooster, imposed over the mustard yellow shape of the Newtown’s borders. It seems like a waste of money.

Yes, the rooster (rooster weathervane) is predictable, but it’s part of Newtown’s history. As stated in The Newtown Bee Editorial Ink Drops, “a barnyard king only appears to be an agriculture wakeup call.” How shallow a statement is that?

Everywhere around us we are living in a cancel culture society; let’s not follow that path. What’s next, are we going to take down the flagpole on Main Street, eliminate the historic district (since historic stands for old), not have a historical society and historical buildings for everyone to enjoy; and are all the events and groups, mentioned above, going to remove the name “Rooster”?

Let’s embrace our town history. As I stated above, the rooster weathervane as our logo symbolizes “Good Luck.” How much more welcoming is that?

Jeannette Del Vento

154 Huntingtown Road, Newtown September 28, 2020

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  1. jh says:

    Cancel culture isn’t a real thing.

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