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To the Editor:

For the past year, Kim Fawcett has spent time in our community getting to know us. She has joined us at many community events and spent the summer going door-to-door listening to our needs and concerns.

As a voter who doesn’t support a candidate without researching them first, Kim’s record speaks for itself.

Kim has been a strong and independent leader in the State House for eight years. She is fiscally responsible, voting against state budgets that didn’t reduce unnecessary spending and borrowing. She is committed to improving Connecticut’s economy by cosponsoring the 2010 Jobs Act. Kim successfully fought chemical companies to ban the sale of children’s products containing Bisphenol A.

She is a fierce advocate for improving our transportation system. Kim has been outspoken and persistent champion of TransformCT, a long term plan for investment in our state’s infrastructure. If you’ve ever been stuck on I-84 in Newtown, you know how important this is.

Newtown needs a State Senator who understands, cares, and is committed to getting results. We need Kim Fawcett.

Research her record, get the facts, and go to the polls on November 4 in support of Kim Fawcett.

Sharon L. Kish

Sugar Street, Newtown                                         September 30, 2014

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