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Developing A Community For All



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To the Editor:

In my letter of introduction [August 2, 2019, Newtown Bee Letter Hive, “Looking Forward To A Legislative Council Run”], I mentioned that I believe we need more community development. To me, community development means progressing our town to work better for everyone. Making our community more livable and sustainable. A community designed for all ages. Our community should take care of the youngest, attract young families, meet the needs of established families, and allow our cherished seniors to age in place.

Newtown can only benefit by becoming an even more attractive place to live and visit. Regardless of age, all of our demographic groups can find value in having work, shopping, recreation, and the ability to volunteer closer to home. Increasing quality of life measures in town can lead to better economic growth.

Some work has begun, and it’s important to continue to nurture that work. For example, we have all seen the sidewalks being built. Such a small thing will have a huge impact for accessibility and mobility of so many of our residents. Sidewalks allow caretakers with children in strollers to safely walk on our busiest roads while also helping the maneuverability of older people with limited mobility. We need to develop more of these small measures that will have large, lasting impacts on our community.

Developing a community that works for everyone isn’t something we can build over night. This is a long-term challenge that is built with the decisions and foundations we make now. Our future is about sustainability and care for our community and our residents. I hope I can earn your vote on November 5 and we can move into this future together, because community matters.

Thank you,

Clinton DePaolo

39 Buttonball Drive, Sandy Hook October 8, 2019

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