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To the Editor:

I’m proud to be part of the team that is making this election about Newtown and the issues that are important to Newtowners. We don’t need politicians who try to divide us, or spend their time repealing good ordinances, as if they’re following a national political script. We need leaders who will listen to and respect every one of us. We need Dan Cruson, Michelle Embree Ku, and the Democratic candidates.

We have real concerns right here in Newtown. We all treasure the rural atmosphere. But many of us also wonder if smart development could lower our tax base, so we can afford to stay here, while still keeping our community green. We all want excellent schools, so our town is attractive to home buyers. But many of us worry about the huge funding cuts to our school system and our library in last year’s budget; will Newtown still be attractive? Many of us also wonder whether a small minority with extremist ideas from national groups will try to take away our freedom to make decisions for ourselves and our families. There are no easy solutions; we need leaders who think carefully and work collaboratively.

Dan, Michelle and the Democratic candidates will devote their time and attention to Newtown and the issues that are important to our community. Their record of service shows they know how to tackle the difficult problems. They will listen carefully to all sides, and will reach across the aisle to find the best solutions. With a total of 100 years of valuable experience serving Newtown, the Democratic candidates know how to get things done. They’re the real deal.

Please vote for Dan Cruson, Michelle Embree Ku, and the Democratic team on November 7. Thank you.

Ed Randall


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