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Ed Randall For Board of Assessment Appeals



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To the Editor:

Please vote to re-elect Ed Randall to the Board of Assessment Appeals; he’s the ideal person for this position.

When you have a problem, where do you want to turn for help? You want to go to someone smart and knowledgeable; someone kind and caring; someone who is a clear thinker and a good problem solver. You want to go to someone who will take your concerns seriously and who will make sure he understands what you need.

That’s a perfect description of my husband Ed Randall. He is the kindest, smartest person I’ve ever met. He’s a careful listener and a creative problem solver: when other people feel stuck, Ed comes up with solutions. He has a generous heart and a gentle manner, and he genuinely wants to help others, and to make a positive contribution to the town that helped him raise his children when he was a widower.

He has been serving on the Board of Assessment Appeals, where people go when there’s a problem with their property or car assessment. He knows a lot about home, property, and car values, and he knows how to ask the right questions to make sure the BAA can reach the correct solutions. He will treat your appeal with the respect and concern you deserve.

I hope you’ll vote to reelect Ed Randall to the BAA, so he can be there to help when you have a problem. Thank you!

Betsy Litt


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