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An Anti-Bullying Laser Presentation At Middle Gate



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Jamie Gannon of Prismatic Magic announced during a school assembly at Middle Gate Elementary School on Friday, October 16, that he “brought the world’s coolest lasers” for the anti-bullying presentation.

Mr Gannon spoke to the students about the importance of teams, and the qualities teamwork emphasizes. Teams, he told the students, allow people to accomplish things they could not do on their own. He then challenged two student and teacher duos to work together in a laser pointer contest. While the teachers were blindfolded, their student partners were challenged with telling their teachers which direction to point their lasers to set off a light first to win the competition.

Next, Mr Gannon warned the students that bullying can happen anywhere, and he offered some tips to help act the right way. Mr Gannon taught the students to remember to “RESPECT” each other by using the words right, integrity, generous, honest, and true. He also showed them how to say each using sign language.

The assembled students were then treated to a number of “awesome rocking laser music videos.” The first laser video presentation was set to the classic hit song “Respect,” as sung by Aretha Franklin.

Jamie Gannon of Prismatic Magic taught students how to sign the word “respect” during a laser show assembly at Middle Gate Elementary School on Friday, October 16.  
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