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Monsters And Frights Swarm Main Street On Halloween Night



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With the sun still bright but falling low in the sky, ghouls and goblins emerged before dark, with a taste for sugar on their lips. Wrapped in tattered rags and with a bandaged bleeding head was a young man on the front steps of first one, then another Main Street home, bag outstretched for candy. Just past 4 pm were the princesses in frilly taffeta, cloaked vampires, monsters, and super heroes as children hurried along the sidewalk, in the door-to-door hunt for treats.

Homeowners this year were ready again for what in recent years has been more than 2,000 guests, stopping in large groups as Halloween excitement propels them through the fading dusk.

A growing number of superheroes and witches, and others, flooded Main Street sidewalks Monday night - hungry trick-or-treaters, and their parents. From house to house where they passed carved pumpkins, skeletons, and massive gauzy webs they went, as sunlight grew dim. By dark the crowd swarmed into the annual door-to-door Halloween march that lasts several hours.

As homeowners on Main Street, from its intersection with Glover Avenue and as far north as Currituck Road, readied for Monday evening's rush, Grace Family Church, Dental Associates, Mount Pleasant Hospital For Animals, political parties and local politicians, Newtown Savings Bank, Trinity Episcopal Church, and Newtown Police Department also joined the monster's queue stretching along either side of the flagpole.

With refreshments and games filling the lawn at Edmond Town Hall, Grace Family Church again welcomed guests this year. Young Declan Burkhart reached for a twisted balloon after Greg Summers shaped it into an animal. Dana Flynn and her daughter Madison watched puppets from a shadowy stage as they sang songs. With her pointed black hat piercing the chilly air, Hailey Gilman also clutched a twisted balloon.

Triangular teeth circling her head, little Alice Coolbaugh wore her shark suit this year.

Across the street from the town hall, 50 and 54 Main Street drew their own brief crowds who grabbed candy, enlarged their stash, and stepped along to the next house.

Margaret M. Lyons and her daughter Margaret E. walked together holding hands, also leading their pug, Lily, down the sidewalk.

Closer to the flagpole intersection was The Tooth Fairy (Alyssa Ives, from Dental Associates), working her good witch magic and handing out toothbrushes.

Across the street was The Great Pumpkin Challenge, an effort continued this year through Trinity Episcopal Church. The challenge includes a large display of carved pumpkins. Residents were invited to carve a pumpkin and drop it off with a suggested donation of $5.

Created by Main Street resident Mackenzie Page when she was an eighth grade student at Newtown Middle School, The Great Pumpkin Challenge was inspired to support a family friend, Zoe McMorran, who was diagnosed with brain cancer. In 2011, Mackenzie first invited residents to carve a pumpkin, drop it off for display at her family's Main Street home, and offer a suggested donation of $5.

The donations have always raised money both for the American Cancer Society and for Zoe's family in 2011. Since then, money has been raised for Paul Newman's Hole In The Wall Gang Camp, a summer camp and center serving children and families coping with cancer and other serious illnesses.

With Mackenzie having graduated from high school in June, the challenge was in danger of going into hibernation. Trinity Church's youth group worked with Mackenzie in recent months, however, to create a seamless transition for the challenge's new host location.

Down the hill about a quarter of mile, 6 Main Street homeowner Palmer Chiapetta beckoned guests to sample his Ghost Busters-themed decorations this year. Hands quickly passed beneath his where he dropped candy after candy, the line outside his house moving quickly.

Superman also appeared Monday. Leo Lenger wore the big red S as he scrambled for candy and enjoyed the early dusk. As dark fell and the evening waned, the demons and frights eventually retreated to hide for another year.

Please click here for additional photos taken on Halloween on Main Street and Church Hill Road. 

Trinity Church displayed The Great Pumpkin Challenge this year, which raises money for the Hole In the Wall Gang through donations that arrive at the display along with the unique hand carved pumpkins. (Bee Photo, Bobowick)
What lurks at the bottom of this witch's cauldron? (Bee Photo, Bobowick)
As he and his family do each year, Palmer Chiappetta hands out candy from his decorated front stoop. (Bee Photo, Bobowick)
Children on Monday night were drawn to the games and scent of fresh cider and popcorn at Edmond Town Hall, where Grace Family Church has hosted a family-friendly party for a number of years in the courtyard of the historic building. (Bee Photo, Bobowick)
Stephanie and Kelly Gaston, at 18 Main Street, filled a steady stream of outstretched buckets and bags. (Bee Photo, Bobowick)
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