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CT CHIP Program At Ambulance Corps Headquarters, Saturday



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Volunteers from Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps and partners from Hiram Lodge No 18 in Sandy Hook will join Mason and NVAC member Chris Capozza inviting local families with young children to ambulance headquarters at 6 Washington Square at Fairfield Hills, Saturday, November 5, from 9 am to 4 pm, for a program that can make a critical difference if a child goes missing.

Mr Capozza is organizing an event centered around providing local parents a free CT CHIP "Purple Pack." CTCHIP, or Connecticut CHild Identification Program, is a comprehensive child identification tool designed to give families a measure of protection in the event of a missing child. Connecticut Freemasons bring the no-cost program to communities throughout Connecticut, including the upcoming session planned in Newtown.

The Purple Pack includes a DVD Ram disk that has a video of a child and a still photo, a brief recorded interview, the child's fingerprints, a dental impression, a dental swab, scent samples for dogs, and a hair sample.

All identifying items generated at the upcoming Newtown CT CHIP event are placed in the "purple pack" and given to the parent or guardian to take home for safekeeping.

If a child becomes missing, the pack can then be provided to law enforcement to aid in recovery and identification. The Connecticut Freemasons keep nothing but the permission form signed by the parent prior to participation in the event.

A number of emergency vehicles for a "touch an ambulance" event may be available on November 5.

The CHIP program is a comprehensive child identification program being provided in an effort to fight the ever-increasing problem of missing and exploited children in our country.

For additional information prior to Saturday's event, contact Mr Capozza at 914-482-3575 or C.Capozza@gmail.com.

For additional information about the program, visit CTchip.org.

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Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, working with Hiram Lodge No 18, will host a CT CHIP program on Saturday, November 5.
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