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Put Newtown First By Lisa Romano



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To the Editor:

In this year of questioning politicians' essential fitness for being elected to public office, our local elections call upon us to vote for the candidates who will put Newtown first.

Having signs up all over town, creating eyesores even if allowed under local zoning, does not make a candidate a more effective voice for Newtown in Hartford.

We should elect a representative and a state senator who will put Newtown first: Eva Zimmerman and Phil Dwyer.

We need to have representatives who will sit at the negotiating table, as Ms Zimmerman has professionally in contract negotiations, and locally on the Newtown Legislative Council. Mr Dwyer, currently chair of the Fairfield Board of Education, retired as president and CEO of the [Central Connecticut Coast branch of the] YMCA. Having representatives who negotiate effectively for Newtown is the only way we will keep Newtown's fair share of the Education Cost Sharing Grant - which has declined in relation to surrounding towns - and contribute solutions to our state issues that will benefit Newtown.

Put Newtown first and cast your vote on Tuesday for Eva Zimmerman and Phil Dwyer.

Lisa Romano

28 The Boulevard, Newtown         November 2, 2016

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