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Zimmerman A Voice For Positive Action
By Ross Carley



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To the Editor:

Today I'm writing to urge my friends and neighbors to cast their vote for state representative for Eva Zimmerman. Six years ago when I met Eva I saw a driven young woman poised to make an impact on Connecticut by getting communities like ours involved in fixing problems rather than just complaining about them. Now years later, I could honestly say she's made her dent - registering voters and signing up families on health insurance. She has proven herself to be a true community leader.

Eva is a voice for positive action. She reaches across party lines to get the job done and her time in Legislative Council highlighted this. Her time on the Ad Hoc Roads Committee is another example of the countless hours that Eva has committed to making Newtown a better place to live, work, and raise a family. With 80 percent of our roads not up to state standards, I want to elect a state representative I know will make our town's infrastructure better and ensure we get every dollar of our state taxes back to make our quality of life better.

I was there to marry her, and I proudly will be standing next to her on another important day. Join me on Election Day in voting for Eva.

Ross Carley

66 Currituck Road, Newtown        November 2, 2016

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