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Survival Or Extinction — Either Way, It Is On Us



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To The Editor:

Animals need help.

Tigers, rhinos, and elephants are hunted for their fur and tusks, and all three are endangered, which means they have the potential of becoming extinct. If any or all of them did, it would disrupt the food chain.

And don’t forget the ocean creatures. Sea turtles, seals, and hermit crabs are not endangered yet, but they are close. There is a shortage of shells because of the increasing amount of carbon dioxide or CO2. That means the snails that make the shells in the first place, can’t make them strong enough to last. So they cooperate. If up to 50 of them need new shells, they line up from biggest to smallest.

No, they don’t go to the movies — they switch shells! The next biggest moves to a new one, leaving his for the next smallest one, and to the next, and so forth.

All these animals and others are so majestic, and it would be sad to lose them. Please help them in any way you can.

Clare Danner


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  1. qstorm says:

    There is a shortage of shells for hermit crabs due to their population boom. In Thailand there are so many new hermit crabs that they have asked for donations of shells (or money). This population explosion is due to the lack of tourism because of COVID.

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