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To the Editor:

Upon leaving the Legislative Council voluntarily this past election, I congratulate both the newly elected members and those members who were reelected to the council. It was my distinct honor and pleasure to have served for five years on the Legislative Council. The dialogue between and amongst us was always civil, thoughtful and respectful. It was a much appreciated experience and intended to be beneficial to all the citizens of Newtown.

To those who voted for and elected me to serve on the Legislative Council from District 1 over the years, I extend my sincere thanks. To the many non-District 1 taxpayers that encouraged me, I express my gratitude.

Lastly, I am most grateful for the total support of my wife throughout my tenure on the Legislative Council.

Thank you Newtown. Enjoy a wonderful and peace filled holiday season.


Bob Merola

22 Ashford Lane, Newtown          December 1, 2015

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