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Police Reports | February 18-25, 2020



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Appearance Charge

Police said at about 9:15 am on February 25, they charged Mark Pasqualone, 40, of Bethel, on a warrant, lodging one count of second-degree failure to appear in court. The underlying charges in the case involve two motor vehicle violations in Newtown that allegedly occurred on December 15, 2018, according to the judicial branch. Pasqualone has pleaded not guilty to both underlying charges.

After processing on February 25, Pasqualone was released on $500 bail for a March 10 court appearance.

Failure To Appear

At about 10:38 am on February 25, police charged Kristin DiMaria, 35, of Sandy Hook, on a warrant. Police lodged one count of second-degree failure to appear in court. The case file in the matter has been sealed by the court, so the underlying charge is not known.

After arrest processing, police released DiMaria on $2,500 bail for a March 10 court appearance.

Four MV Violations

Police report they stopped motorist Barry DiMaria, 40, of Sandy Hook, to investigate at about 10:50 am on February 25, on the Exit 11 on-ramp for Interstate 84.

Police charged DiMaria with driving an unregistered vehicle, failure to display marker plates, failure to have automotive insurance, and driving under suspension. After arrest processing, DiMaria was released for a March 10 court appearance.

DUI Arrest

Police report that at about 10:22 pm on February 25, they stopped a motorist near 42 Queen Street to investigate.

After investigating, police charged motorist Bryan Gomez, 20, of Newtown, with driving under the influence, failure to drive in the proper lane, and driving a vehicle with improper rear marker plate lamps. Following arrest processing, police released Gomez for a March 11 court appearance on the charges.


Police report that at about 2 pm on February 24, they went to the residence of Myroslava Pekhnik-Stasyshyn, 38, of Sandy Hook, to serve an arrest warrant.

Police charged Pekhnik-Stasyshyn with failure to pay a fine or to plead not guilty to an infraction. According to the state judicial branch, last September 19, Pekhnik-Stasyshyn received an infraction for allowing a dog to roam at large, but did not respond to that violation, thus a warrant was issued for her arrest.

After posting $500 bail on February 24, police released Pekhnik-Stasyshyn for a March 10 court appearance.

Evading Responsibility

Police report that at about 7:43 pm on February 24, as a 37-year-old woman was driving a 2014 Subaru Crosstrek SUV northward on South Main Street, she spotted an unknown vehicle in the driveway of Walgreens Pharmacy at 49 South Main Street waiting to exit the premises.

As the Subaru approached, the other vehicle pulled out in front of it and started making a left turn onto southbound South Main Street, causing the two vehicles to collide. The offending vehicle stopped briefly, after which its driver drove away. The Subaru driver was not injured. Police had no description of the offending vehicle.

Failure To Respond

Police report that they stopped motorist Desiree Rivera-Lopez, 33, of New Haven, on westbound Interstate 84’s Exit 11 interchange to investigate at about 2:50 pm on February 23, after which they learned that there was an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Police charged Rivera-Lopez with failure to respond to an infraction. Rivera had not either pleaded not guilty or paid a fine on the infraction, so a judge issued a warrant for her arrest in connection with three pending alleged motor vehicle violations that occurred in August 2012.

Police released her on $100 bail for a March 5 appearance in Connecticut Superior Court in New Haven.

Saturn Hits Subaru

At about 5:48 pm on February 21, motorist Alison Robeson, 22 of Purdys, N.Y., who was driving a 2017 Subaru Impreza auto in slow, heavy traffic on eastbound Interstate 84, west of Exit 10, stopped for traffic conditions and was then struck from behind by motorist Nedrion Payne, 19, of Waterbury, who was driving a 1999 Saturn SL-1 auto, according to state police.

There were no injuries. Payne received an infraction for following too closely.

Four Charges

Police said that at about 5:53 pm on February 21, they stopped motorist Zachary Krajewski, 25, of Monroe, near 286 South Main Street in Botsford to investigate.

After investigating, police charged Krajewski for driving a vehicle with tinted windows without a window-tint certificate, driving under suspension, possession of a weapon in a motor vehicle, and possession of drug paraphernalia. Krajewski was released and is scheduled to appear in court to answer the charges.

Exit 9 Ramp

State police report a two-vehicle accident at the end of eastbound Interstate 84’s Exit 9 off-ramp about 3:35 pm on February 20.

Motorist Nicholas Kuell, 18, of Danbury, who was driving a 2013 Honda Accord, struck the rear end of a 2019 Honda Civic driven by E.L. Prophet, 20, of Danbury, state police said. There were no injuries. Kuell received an infraction for following too closely.

Sedan Vs SUV

Amid heavy, slow-moving traffic at about 6:38 pm on February 19, on eastbound Interstate 84, near Exit 11, motorist Daniel Riggs, 59, of Alpharetta, Ga., who was driving a 2010 Nissan Pathfinder SUV, slowed for traffic conditions and was then struck from behind by motorist Holly Piccioni, 19,of Farmington, who was driving a 2003 Subaru Legacy sedan, state police said.

Daniel Riggs and Nissan passenger Arlene Riggs, 58, of the same address, were transported by ambulance to Danbury Hospital. State police issued Piccioni an infraction for following too closely.


A two-vehicle accident occurred on eastbound Interstate 84, near the Exit 10 interchange, at about 5:36 am on February 18.

In that incident, motorist Kim Humphreville, 60, of Danbury, who was driving a 2018 Subaru Forester, attempted to change travel lanes and sideswiped a 1998 Honda Accord driven by Ruth Murphy, 67, of Danbury, state police said.

There were no injuries. Humphreville received an infraction for failure to maintain the proper lane.

Complete Rollover

Motorist John Seman, 23, of Newtown, was driving a 1999 Toyota Tacoma pickup truck on Interstate 84’s combined Exit 11 off-ramp at about 11:10 am on February 18, when while negotiating a curve, he lost control of the truck and it veered off the right side of the road, going into one complete roll, landing on its wheels, state police said.

There were no injuries. State police issued Seman an infraction for traveling too fast for conditions.

Station Wagon Vs Van

At about 2:54 pm on February 18, motorist Richard Landor, 29, of Bethel, who was driving a 2005 Volvo V-50 station wagon on eastbound Interstate 84, near Exit 11, made an unsafe lane change and struck a commercial 2011 Ford Econoline van driven by Russell Braley, 56, of Oxford, state police said.

There were no injuries. State police verbally warned Landor for making an unsafe lane change.

A Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue firefighter stands next to a 2004 Toyota Avalon that had rolled over on Berkshire Road Tuesday night, after firefighters helped the driver out of the vehicle. Firefighters, Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, a paramedic, and Newtown Police Department officers all responded to the area of 93 Berkshire Road at approximately 10:30 pm February 25 after the accident was reported. Altagracia Cruz, 23, of Danbury, had been operating the sedan during light rain when it rounded a corner and fishtailed, struck an embankment along the right road shoulder, and then rolled onto its roof. Cruz was checked for injuries, and then transported by NVAC to the hospital. She was given a verbal warning for traveling unreasonably fast. Berkshire Road was closed between its intersections with Zoar Road and Sherman Street for approximately 30 minutes. —Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire & Rescue photo
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